We maintain high standards of quality in recruiting and selecting personnel. Before entering candidates into our database, we conduct extensive interviews and check their references thoroughly.
We can do much more than just match people to jobs. We can arrange accommodation, flights and local transport, insurance, taxes, visas and work permits. We adjust to your specific needs regarding wage rates and other terms of employment. Because we work on an open basis calculation, you have maximum insight into our costs and margins.
All our employees are properly trained and have valid medical documents.
This rigorous procedure means that We can provide experienced and qualified individual personnel and complete crews for a wide range of maritime activities, including:


Personnel for all kinds of dredging equipment, such as hopper suction, cutter suction and dipper dredgers;


Crews for AHTS vessels operating in both deep and shallow waters;


Crews for offshore support vessels, such as multicats, diving support vessels and platform supply vessels;


Barge crews for accommodation barges, jack-ups, crane barges, etc.;


Towing and salvage personnel, including Tow Masters and crews with experience in long-distance towing;


Well trained crews for luxury Yachts;


Personnel experienced in shore protection and waterworks projects, such as the construction of breakwaters and jetties, beach nourishment and other reclamation activities;


Crews for merchant container ships Tankers and bulk carriers.

If you are looking for maritime personnel, we can help you find the right people with the right qualifications and experience. You can contact our staff any day of the week.